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Market overview

No market, no overview - we are not far away from that situation because the amount of all German Volvo 164 and 140 is very small, so only a few cars change their owners. Well, let's have a look into our glass ball ...

The men with the golden car.
Yes, it may be a thriller to get or to sell one.

The last years, the lost years?

During the eighties a Volvo 140 was a well known source to access an overdrive gearbox and many 164's died after they have spent their leather seats to an Amazon. The situation has changed in the early nineties while Volvo enthusiasts recognized that the timeless and distinguished style became a very unique character among the common traffic. Especially the 164 was a hot tip for some enthusiasts. But 1997 German taxes for cars without catalytic converters increased dramatically and unfortunately there was no possibility to upgrade the 164's exhaust system. So many cars were sold to the netherlands where they were adapted to use LPG. So they have enjoyed a loophole in the dutch tax policy. The 140 models were not as expensive but their character was not always intensive enough to save their lifes.

The current situation

Nowadays the possibility of a historic registration poured oil on troubled waters. The Volvos of the 100 series can be officially registrated as a vintage car (Oldtimer) with low taxes.

Very good and rustfree cars are very rare. In Germany you'll have to pay about 5,500 EUR for a really original 140 in perfect condition and about 7,000 EUR for a 164 in a very good shape. Even nice Volvos may have beginning corrosion and often they are not entirely original equipped.

Influence of equipment and accessories

increase of value:
• orig. air condition(140; 164 until '72)
• overdrive
• orig. sunroof
• orig. sport instrument cluster
• Bahco pre heating

no increase of value:
• defect accessories
• third party steering wheel
automatic gearbox
• metallic paint

• non original wheels and tire sizes
• "upgrades" from 240 series
third party sunroof

original accessory:
Volvo sport instrument cluster until 1972

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