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Here we offer a slight different buying guide – the only one where the word "rust" is not used. Instead of technical hints we concentrate on the very intersting variety of the 164 and 140 series with all its own personalities. Finally, on our German pages you'll find a closer look to some technical aspects.

Typical Volvo problem:
warning triangle missing fresh air for a long time.
The solution: use it every ten years.

The characters

The quickest:
164 E with overdrive ('72)
The sporting Volvo:
142 with original R-sport Accessories
Mr. "high rev":
140 with twincarb-engine B18B
The most economic:
Every 140 with an intelligent driver
The noisy boy:
140 with
twincarb-engine B18B
The sound of silence:
164 with twintwincarb-engine B30A
Sir luxory:
164 TE (limited edition model from 1974)
The most modern car:
145 Estate
The room:
145 Express
The monument of the seventies:
140 with orange paint and green carpets
The safer six:
164 from 1974

The most exotic:
164 with three carburettors
The beautiest:
Whom do you like most?

Don't use such a hot thermostat!

The engines

four cylinder single carb. (B18/20A):
• high torque at low revs
• poor power output
• easy servicing
• economic

four cylinder twin carb. (B18/20B/D):
• poor torque at low revs
• revs easily
• powerful
• loud intake noise (B18B)

four cylinder injection (B20E):
• revs easily
• powerful
• noisy

four cylinder injection (B20F):
• can use 91 octane fuel
• fair power
• modern K-Jetronic injection

six cylinder twin carb. (B30A):
• very high torque
• mild power output
• very smooth and silent
• high fuel consumption

six cylinder injection (B30E):
• very high torque
• powerful
• very smooth
• high fuel conssumption

The gearboxes

4-speed (M40/M400)
• very robust and durable
• slightly singing noise (M400)
• extra dry handling
• M400 reinforced for 164

4-speed + overdrive (M41/M410)
• same characteristic like M40/M400
• very pleasant revs on motorways
• overdrive not very durable
• M410 reinforced for 164
• only use motor oil

3-speed automatic (BW35)
• poor efficiency
• comfortable
• pleasant operating sound
• sluggish change of gears
• high revs on motorways

The model years

until 1970:
• classic appearance
• very rare
• low equipment standard
• nice interior

1971 to 1972:
• well balanced compromise
• better equipment
• Injection models ('72) light and quick

1973 and later:
• lower steel quality
• very bulky look ('74)
• well equipped (164)
• dashboard made of cheap plastics
• highest safety standard

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