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Are there any new experiences with old Volvos after 30 years of use?

Oh yes, and here are the repositories:
Volvoniacs forums
related to classic Volvos, focus on PV up to 140/164
This forum is Germany's most frequented discussion platform around old Volvos, their owners and their problems. According to the comparable technical basis from PV until the oil crisis you are not long alone with worn camshafts, new tyres or any other 140 or 164 subject.
164 Club of Sweden Volvoforum
related to Volvo 164
Swedish forum of the 164 Club of Sweden.
Volvo 140 & 164 list
related to Volvo 140/164
On the international level the 140 and 164 community is large enough for an own forum specially these models. Although the forum hits our interest perfectly it drives you around the bend with its commercial interrupts.
related to classic cars
This forum is the best choice in Germany for all subjects around classic cars and driver's philosophy. It has lots of members with lots of ideas and the forum is supported by many experts in the area of classic cars. If your question is not exclusive volvoholic, you are right here.

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