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about us

Hello, that's us.

Which exceptional old Volvo was that the other day? Onehundredsixty-what? Did they really build such a car formerly?

Welcome to our website – with greetings to all other Volvo- and classic car fans – and hello to all club members.

Other people, other cars

What kind of people are driving and tanking up these old heavy Volvos into the 21. century? Well, many of us are tuned up just very swedish and sometimes we have got more than one screw loose somewhere – at the cars, of course. While searching for a timeless classic and intensive automobile charakter without any show-off, which has to be a really well engineered car as well, we lost our hearts in famous swedish safety style.

Our club was founded in 1988 to keep our old 164 Volvos in life. During the nineties many owners of the closely related 140 range completed our community.

Quick and short.

How many members are you?
Just over 50 members, many Volvos and one elk.

Me too!
Of course! Under the heading membership you'll find an entry form to join uns.

Do you sell spare parts?
Sorry, we don't deal with any parts or cars but you may place a private ad in our club magazine "happy metal".

about us activities magazine membership photo album


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