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Like to join us?

Well-grounded information and experiences beyond the Volvo 164 and 140 become more and more rare. So we try to collect them from, together with and for our members.

The annual fee is 30 EUR including IKM membership. We help each other and enjoy lasting experiences with old Volvos in modern times.

That's it:

Please fill out the membersip application and send it together with copies of your vehicle registration papers to our club address (shown in the application form). We'll inform you of the proportionate annual fee and send you a current issue of our club magazine "happy metal".

Shall we meet at the next Volvo event?

Informations via download

Here we offer all important documents (in German language only) as an Acrobat PDF file. For download you need the "Acrobat Reader" which you can access here:

club info
October 2014 (PDF, 158 k)

membership application
October 2014 (PDF, 157 k)

04-29-2006 (PDF, 150 k)

about us activities magazine membership photo album


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