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The club magazine

We like: dry streets.
We hate: dry tanks.
We avoid: dry content in our club magazine.

happy metal: news with a smile

Four times a year we send our club magazine »happy metal« (in German language only) to all members. The content:
• stories about our Volvos
• reviews about meetings and events
• announcements and invitations
• private ads
• infos around the Volvo world
• technical reports

For the small Volvo appetite in between the magazine is alternately released as an extended news letter called «happy metal lätt« with six pages full of news and informations.

In every big number we add a feedback letter. This can be used to place a private ad, to write letters to the editor, to sign in for a meeting or to answer our special feedback questions.

(all in German language)

Clubtreffen Rheingau
(3 Seiten PDF, 543 KB)

Fahrt zum Polarkreis, die Dritte
(5 Seiten PDF, 1279 KB)

Zenith-Stromberg 175 CD-2 SE
(4 Seiten PDF, 626 KB)

Einfahrhinweise 1970
(1 Seite PDF, 130 KB)

about us activities magazine membership photo album


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