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Our activities

Club meetings in Germany

Twice a year in spring and autumn we meet for a weekend at different locations in whole Germany. We enjoy those rare moments where we are able to catch sight of an Volvo 164 or 140 in our rear-view mirrors. Our meetings are organized alternately by our members.

We can also park tidily – if we want.

Monthly regional meeting

Together with other German volvo clubs many of us bump into each other at regional meetings every month. Everyone is welcome of course. The Volvo Club Deutschland has released detailed information.


According to our membership in the IKM we support the initiative in their political commitment to historic cars. Beyond that we frequently get access to further information.


Swedish summer

Several Volvo meetings in august are our summery places of pilgrimage in Sweden. We never leave them before the new IKEA catalogue is released.

This is "old yellow", our navigation pilot.

Buying guide and technical support

Our members help each other with maintenance questions and technical solutions supported by the managing comittee. We have got several original Volvo spare part lists, service documents, data files, service manuals and many other documents.

about us activities magazine membership photo album


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